City West Adult Memberships

It’s great to know how to look after yourself…..
and it’s a great way to keep fit!

Adults 45 minute Beginners’ Sessions Tues & Thurs 6.00pm

Advanced Training Tuesday and Thursday 6.30pm.

Lunch hour Sessions 12 noon – 1.00pm Mon to Thurs

Karate, recently added to the 2020 Olympic program, is more than just a sport.

It combines physical, mental and spiritual elements that make it for many a life-long activity.

In the words of the late world renowned Goju-Kai founder Gogen Yamaguchi

I shall be happy if you understand that the essence

of the Martial Arts is not the strength,

not the art, but that which is hidden deep within yourself.”

Adult Membership $59 Fortnight
AU$59.00 every 14 days until cancelled
AU$59.00 (setup fee)